God Has Given Us a Vision

We need others to help fulfill the call.
Developing The Refuge Retreat & Conference Center

The Detwiler’s have sold their home to purchase land.  The Refuge Retreat & Conference Center center will lease the property until it can purchase the land.

Our mission ~ Providing a place of Refuge for Christian discipleship

The Refuge Retreat & Conference Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and will be structured so that operating expenses are covered through program and facility fees. Until we raise the capital to build the Grand Lodge, cabins and furnish the buildings, donations will be primarily used to complete construction.  After the center is built, donations will help to expand and demand for space for ministry as well as a scholarship fund for those who need support to attend a retreat.

Without support from individuals, families, corporations and other sponsors, the vision will not be fulfilled.

Please join us answer God’s call  by contacting Richard Detwiler, Founder/President, at 615.617.0707 or email Richard@therefugetn.org

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Praying is the most important partnership with The Refuge.  While financial partnerships are important and critical to both short and long-term ministry expansion at The Refuge, and we are developing specific projects, programs, events and opportunities designed to meet those needs, prayer will be the thing that sustains our fundraising and development efforts.

Singular Giving:
A non-recurring gift of any amount to The Refuge Retreat & Conference Center that is either restricted or unrestricted based on donor preference. Giving to The Refuge more than once does not constitute a recurring gift; it is simply a gift that does not occur on a regular, scheduled basis.
Monthly or Scheduled Giving: A recurring, monthly or other regularly scheduled gift of any amount to The Refuge that is either restricted or unrestricted based on donor preference. Many donors choose the simple solution of establishing an auto-draft donation through their bank, debit or credit card account, which we are set up to do. This type of arrangement also saves the ministry money by reducing the cost of mailings. Recurring donations may be modified and/or discontinued at any time by contacting Richard Detwiler using the information below.
Gifts of Stock, Real Estate or Other Property, Business Interests, Securities, and Other Non-Cash Assets: The Refuge is set up to accept these unique types of gifts which may be professionally managed, under donor’s direction, by the Development Director and/or other financial professionals with expertise in this growing area of planned giving. Please use the contact information below to inquire about giving of this nature.

For more information on the giving programs of The Refuge Retreat & Conference Center, to schedule a meeting, have any of your fundraising and development questions addressed, please contact Richard Detwiler, Founder/President, at 615.617.0707 or email

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The Refuge Retreat & Conference Center is deeply grateful to the any families, foundations and companies who will partner in our mission and ministry and will support our efforts to impact the marriage relationship and ministry teams. Funds will directly impact the lives of families and ministries for future generations.

The Refuge Retreat & Conference Center is registered with GivingMatters.com

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